I have a 15 year old daughter; all of this is pure insanity to me. They are still kids exploring their identity. This is plastic surgery that is irreversible, why is this push to change your child's sex even happening, I don't get it at all.

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This is malignant helicopter parenting.

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Where is the child's biological father in all this?

It would be interesting to know what led to the parents' divorce. Did the child's mental problems stem from abuse or parental trauma?

Also, it is a huge red flag that this mother brought the child to live with this new guy/fiance. That can be very traumatic for a girl, especially one entering adolescence.

The mother is putting all this information online and seeking validation from others. That indicates narcissism on her part. I wonder how she would respond if confronted with the fact that subjecting her daughter to a strange man in their house is very damaging to a girl. Probably makes her feel especially self-conscious about her breasts and emerging sexuality.

I'm not saying the fiance molested this girl, but I can't imagine this fragile girl feels safe with a man in the house who is not her biological father.

And I wonder if the obsession with making her daughter trans is just a distraction from the deeper problems. Sounds like the adults put this girl through hell.

Are there other family members who can intervene and save her?

If she goes through with the surgery, she seems like she'll go into an even deeper depression. And with all the medications/drugs, could very well become suicidal.

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Texas Medicaid does not cover any transgender healthcare related to transitioning. (https://www.lgbtmap.org/img/maps/citations-medicaid.pdf)

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